Wake Forest Herb Festival – April 20-22 & 27-29

The Wake Forest Herb Festival starts today at 9am and runs all this weekend and next (April 20-22 & 27-29). The festival is located at Festival Park in downtown Wake Forest at 525 S. White Street.

They have a HUGE selection of Non GMO organic herbs, heritage tomatoes, heirloom vegetable plants & local grown perennials.

For more information about the festival check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Herbfest/


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Tar Heel 10 Miler Discount Code


The Tar Heel 10 miler is a great local race with a course that showcases downtown Chapel Hill, the UNC Campus and some nice surrounding historic neighborhoods. This year the race will take place on Saturday, April 21st. The registration fee is currently $80 but you an  use the discount code TH10JOHN and save an $5 on your race registration.


I ran the Tar Heel 10 Miler in 2013 and 2017 and I’m looking forward to doing it again in this year. A ten mile race is a great distance to train for especially if you are looking for something a bit longer than a 5k. A 10-miler is long enough that it is challenging yet not so far that you need months and months to prepare like you might with a full or half marathon. There is also a 4 mile option if you are looking for a shorter distance race. The course is really nice and you will have lots of support along the way. Keep an eye out for the folks playing the Alpenhorns along the course!


Of course there are some hills, but that comes with the territory when running in a place named Chapel Hill. Last year there were approximately 6,400 runners making it a nice size race with good energy. This is one of the premiere races in the Triangle and a must do if you area a local runner. Hope to see you out there on the course!

Race Details:
Date: Saturday April 21, 2018
Tar Heel 10 Miler Discount Code: TH10JOHN (Saves you $5)
Race Website: http://tarheel10miler.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TarHeel10Miler/

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Ticket Giveaway to Red Bull Organics Launch Party – April 10th at Whitaker & Atlantic 


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Stellar Cast Delivers Powerful Performance of “The Color Purple” at DPAC


Adrianna Hicks (Celie) and the North American tour cast of “The Color Purple”
(Photo by Matthew Murphy, 2017)

It has been quite a while since I last saw the 1985 movie version ofThe Color Purplebased off Alice Walker’s 1982 book. I was curious how the touring production, directed by John Doyle, would tell the story without adding the razzle dazzle of fancy sets and catchy tunes so common among Broadway musicals. This show covers some serious subjects after all.

Well I received my answer when I attended opening night of the show at the Durham Performing Arts Center earlier this week and am happy to report that the stage production is done beautifully and in a way that allows the story to really focus on the characters and let their voices shine.


Carrie Compere (Sofia) and the North American tour cast of “The Color Purple”
(Photo by Matthew Murphy, 2017)

The musical retains much of Walker’s original story with its oppressive themes centered around the plight of black women dealing with abuse, poverty racism, sexism, poverty in the South during the early 1900’s.

However, two things distinguish the musical from the film. First off, the musical puts the emphasis on the damaged characters instead of focusing so much on the violence that causes the characters to be so damaged. Second, the story and mood is set to beautiful songs with a wonderful score that is filled with poetry and a multitude of African-American musical styles including gospel, ragtime, blues and swing.


Gavin Gregory (Mister) in the North American tour of “The Color Purple”
(Photo by Matthew Murphy, 2017)

The entire performance takes place on an unchanging set with multilevel platforms and a few chairs that get moved around during numbers. The focus of this show is the vocals and the performers – not the background.

The show opens with Celie (Adrianna Hicks) when she’s 14 years old and pregnant with her second child which she is forced to give up. The father of her children, a man she calls Pa, marries her off to Mister (Gavin Gregory) along with the dowry of a dairy cow.

Celie’s life with Mister is a sad existence filled with pain and suffering as Mister abuses her in every way including severing Celie’s contact with her sister, Nettie (N’Jameh Camara). Beaten down, Celie eventually finds hope and courage through Sofia (Carrie Compere), a strong willed woman who takes no gruff from any man. Celie also finds love through her relationship with Shug Avery (Carla R. Stewart), a blues singer who comes through town every few months to perform.


Adrianna Hicks (Celie) and the North American tour cast of “The Color Purple”
(Photo by Matthew Murphy, 2017)

All three Actors deliver amazing performances and their vocals are outstanding. In fact much of the cast in the touring production comes directly from the shows engagement on Broadway. Throughout the evening I found myself in constant amazement of the incredible talent on stage. It is a real treat to see such amazing performances delivered by the incredible cast of this production. 

The tone of the show is understandably somber given the subject matter, but in the end this is all balanced out by the personal growth we see from Celie in the more upbeat second act as she breaks out of her oppressive situation and finds her footing in a life where she has her own voice and lives her dream. 

“The Color Purple” is the type of show that makes you feel and think about some hard truths of past, but somehow it still finds a way to entertain you along the journey in a way that is respectful to the subject matter. This is not a show to be missed. A limited number of tickets are still available and I recommend you go see it before this incredible production leaves town.

This national touring production of “The Color Purple” is currently playing at the Durham Performing Arts Center through April 8th. For Tickets Visit: https://www.dpacnc.com/events/detail/the-color-purple




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City of Raleigh Museum “Time Warp” 1970’s Dance Party – April 21st

Time Warp2019.jpg

The City of Raleigh Museum is hosting their annual “Time Warp” party Saturday, April 21st from 7-10pm. This year they are time-tripping back to the 1970’s so get out those bell bottoms and disco shoes and enjoy a night of dancing with other Raleighites and the museum staff 1970’s style! Proceeds from the event will go towards a cool new exhibit the museum is working on that will highlight Raleigh’s past and key decisions that will impact the direction the city goes in the future.

This party is a fun excuse to get dressed up in your favorite 70’s outfit and have a great night of dancing and making new friends. The evening will also include craft beer, wine and cocktails along with hors d’oeuvres from some of your favorite local restaurants.

Everyone is of course encouraged to dress up! There will a costume and dance contest as well as a silent and live auction of incredible stuff you are going to want to bid on. It’s going to be a great time and a great way to support the mission of the museum.

TimeWarp 2017

2017 Time Warp (1920’s-theme)

Tickets are to the event are just $50 and include a one year membership to the Museum at a discounted rate. You can purchase tickets here.

About the City of Raleigh Museum
The City of Raleigh Museum is housed in a historic former hardware store on Fayettevill Street in downtown Raleigh. The museum is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history of North Carolina’s capital city while envisioning its future. The museum curates temporary and permanent exhibits about the city’s people, places, and resources, maintains a collection of approximately 5,000 artifacts, and offers educational programming and tours.

City of Raleigh Museum
220 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
website: https://cityofraleighmuseum.org
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CORMuseum/



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