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Picture of the Week: Arepa Culture Food Truck at Big Boss


Arepa Culture NC Food Truck

The weather is finally warming up and it’s time to get outside! This past Sunday I took advantage of the nice day and paid a visit to the Big Boss Run Club. While there I had the pleasure of trying the food from the Arepa Culture food truck for the first time after my run. The truck serves “Arepas”- a gluten free corn based flat bread formed into a patty that is grilled, split open and stuffed with a variety of ingredients. I enjoyed the “La Tica” which is an Arepa stuffed with shredded chicken, sauteed peppers & onions and melted cheese. It went great with a pint of Big Boss Angry Angel Kolsch.

They have several other Arepa offerings including ones with pulled pork bbq, shredded beef, chicken salad and avocado, and a caprese with fresh mozzarella, tomato pesto and olive oil. It’s a great truck and I suggest checking them out if you are on the hunt for a great Arepa or the next time you are looking to try something new. Arepa Culture is very good about letting people know where they will be parked each day by posting their location on social media. You can follow them on twitter, facebook, and instagram to keep tabs on where they will be next.

This was the last Sunday run with the Big Boss Run Club as they transition back to Tuesday night runs at the brewery starting Tuesday March 17th at 7pm. I highly recommend you check it out if you are looking for a fun social run club. It’s free and open to runners of all abilities. Routes offered include 3 and 5 mile options. After each weekly run there is usually a beer special offered by Big Boss with a select beer for just $3 a pint. Food trucks are regular visitors to the club as well.

Cheers to warmer weather!

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Picture of the Week: Night Run in Downtown Raleigh

Raleigh night

Downtown Raleigh at Night

Last week I took my camera with me as I embarked on a short run around downtown Raleigh. I snapped the picture above as I ran laps around  the Halifax Mall government complex on the northern edge of downtown (near Peace Street). In case you were wondering, the walkway loop around  the quad is approximately 0.35 miles making it a great spot to run laps at night after work if you are like me and work downtown.

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Picture of the Week: Raleigh Tracks

Train Tracks by W. Martin Street ~ Raleigh, NC

Train Tracks by W. Martin Street ~ Raleigh, NC


Earlier this week I took a meandering run through downtown Raleigh. I like to take a small camera with me in case I come across anything new (and I always seem to stumble across a place I have never explored before). The photo I snapped above was taken just before the dead end of West Martin Street on the western side of downtown just past CAM Raleigh (map of location). There are many old warehouse buildings in this section of downtown and the area is currently receiving a lot of attention and undergoing a revitalization. It will be interesting to see how it evolves in the coming years.

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Picture of the Week: Tupelo Honey Cafe’ in Raleigh!

Tupelo Honey - Raleigh, NC

Tupelo Honey – Raleigh, NC

I snapped this week’s picture while checking out the new Tupelo Honey Cafe‘ in Raleigh’s Cameron Village. Pictured above is a wonderful honeycomb light fixture made of steel and blown glass created by local designers at McConnell Studios. It really catches your eye as you enter and is sure to be one of the most photographed features of the restaurant!

Tupelo held a soft opening this past weekend but will be open to the public starting Monday December 1st. The restaurant is located at 425 Oberlin Road and features scratch-made Southern comfort foods with everything from fried chicken to shrimp and grits to organic burgers and buttermilk biscuits. They also make outstanding desserts and have a great bar serving signature craft cocktails and a nice selection of craft beers. I’ll be doing a full write up about Tupelo in the next week or so, but in the meantime I wanted to pass along the news that Tupelo is now open! You can read more about Tupelo Honey Cafe and check out their menu here.


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Picture of the Week: Salisbury Street Pedestrian Bridge


This week’s picture is a familiar sight for me. It is the pedestrian bridge that links the government buildings of Halifax Mall to a parking garage located across Salisbury Street in downtown Raleigh. The newly renovated bridge has an interesting modern style and look. It even has small speakers installed the periodically play recordings of bird calls that sound more like howler monkeys. I’ve been told the sounds are used to scare away real birds from perching on the bridge. On the night I snapped this picture the sky was displaying a colorful sunset as I made the short journey to my car.

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