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Parking Lot Party This Wednesday at Taylor’s Wine Shop in North Raleigh!


Taylor’s Wine Shop ~ North Raleigh

Taylor’s Wine Shop & BP has been around for over 30 years and is an institution of North Raleigh. Long ago, the savvy owners realized the need to diversify and have developed a great little shop offering an impressive selection of wines, local and other craft beers, local coffee (including Larry’s Beans and Carrboro Coffee) and even sell locally made Escazu chocolate and Pleasant Bee Honey along with an assortment of other items like handmade jewelry and Faerie Made Soaps.  Of course, you can still pick up bait there for your fishing trip to Falls Lake as well.

If you’ve never been to Taylor’s this week is the perfect time to check them out. They are holding a huge wine and beer sale, as well as a Parking Lot Party Wednesday July 24th from 5:30-8:30 p.m.


Inside Taylor’s

Event Details
The parking lot party will feature food from C.J.’s Street Food truck, free wine and beer tastings (including French Broad Brewing & Bottle Tree Beer Co.) and live music from local band Velvet Goldfish. A big tent will be set up out in the parking lot with the band playing underneath and attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs to relax and enjoy the outdoor live music. Beer tasting will take place outside with wine tasting going on inside the shop. In addition, there will be a Larry’s Beans Cold Brew Coffee Demo and a demonstration booth by Green City Bottles.

Along with the food and entertainment there will be great beer and wine sales going on inside the shop including 10% off 4-packs and 6-packs & 20% off cases of craft beer, 10% 1-5 bottles of wine, 15% off 12 or more bottles, and 20% off select cases of wine.

When: Wednesday July 24th from 5:30-8:30pm
Where: Taylor’s Wine Shop & BP – 1005, Six Forks Road (just north of I-540)

For more info about Taylor’s Wine Shop visit:
Taylor’s Website: http://www.taylorswineshop.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wineman.cash
Twitter: @TaylorsWineShop


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Wine 101 ~ Going For The Gold At The Beer Olympics!


Last night my neighbor and I made the short trip over to the “Beer Olympics” over at my favorite wine store, Wine 101 in Wake Forest. As I described in an earlier post, the event was held in honor of the lighting of the olympic torch kicking off the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver. The field of competition consisted of a grand total of 30 different beers from six different categories (Hefeweizen, Lagers, Belgians, IPAs, Strong IPAs, and Stouts). Joe, the owner of Wine 101, and his right hand man Jason poured 2 ounce tastes of each bear from unmarked half-gallon growlers. The honorable “ tasting judges” (myself and the 50 other people there) would then score each beer in this blind taste test on a scale of 1-10.  At the end of the night the scores were to be tallied up and gold, silver, and bronze medals would be awarded in each category.

Although I didn’t plan on it, amazingly my friend and I made it through all 30 beers! This was in large part thanks to the dedicated staff at wine 101 who were working very hard to make sure everyone in the large crowd that came to the event had the opportunity to taste every beer. They were also incredibly consistent with their 2 oz. pours which went a long way to make sure you didn’t over do it and wouldn’t get worn out before making it through the catalogue of beers. As we worked our way through the many beers to taste I found that I was a big fan of the Hefeweizen and the Strong IPA’s but was not crazy about the Lagers and regular IPAs. The Jury is still out for me on the Stouts. I don’t think my palate is mature or fascinated enough to recognize a quality stout at this point! That is what year’s of drinking Coor’s Light and Corona will do to you I guess!

The “official” medal scoring is still being tallied and should be posted to their website soon,  but in the meantime I did hear that one of the Hefeweizen I liked was the locally brewed Shotgun Betty from Lone Rider Brewery. I recently had this beer on a visit to the Rialto Theater in downtown Raleigh and think a visit to the brewery is in my future.

My friend and I met some very friendly people throughout the evening as we shared our critiques of each brew and debated which beer we liked best.  As always, whether you’re looking for a bottle of wine for dinner, or just attending one of their wine or beer tasting events Wine 101 is at the top of my list of places to check out. It is not only a great wine shop (which sells great beers too), but Joe and his staff are so friendly and helpful which gives the shop a real social atmosphere with a “neighborhood store” vibe making it a great place to visit to get out and meet new people. For more information about Wine 101 and future events check you can sign up for teir newsletter on their website or follow Joe on twitter.

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Celebrate The “Beer Olympics” at Wine 101

This past weekend I stopped by to see my friend Joe, the wine aficionado and owner of Wine 101. Don’t let the name fool you, while grapes may be his first love, he also has a wide variety of specialty microbrews in the wine shop. I have even spotted a few growlers of local Lonerider brew in the cooler on occasion. In fact, Wine 101 is having a beer tasting event Friday February 12th called the “Beer Olympics”. For $10 you get to celebrate the opening ceremony and the lighting of the Olympic flame in Vancouver by sampling over 25 beers from around the world at Wine 101. (No, you don’t have to try all 25!). After an evening of beer swirling guests will vote on their favorites and in Olympic fashion award gold, silver, and bronze medals to the beer champions. (I’m pulling for the Belgians!). So if you like beer and are looking for a fun way to kick off the 2010 Olympics check out the wine 101 website for more information.

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