Picture of the Week – Raleigh Rickshaw

Raleigh Rickshaw 1

This week’s picture of the week is an action shot of some people enjoying a rickshaw ride up Wilmington street in downtown Raleigh.   Now that the Triangle is starting to thaw out, you may be looking for opportunities to enjoy the warmer weather and rickshaw rides are a great way to take advantage of the warmer temps while getting whisked around to different points of interest downtown .  The operators are friendly and knowledgeable about the city so they can give you tips on the latest places to check out.

The Raleigh Rickshaw Co.   provides speacial “Date Night” packages as well as  special tours of historic downtown neighborhoods for a fixed rate (check out their website for details and rates).  Each rickshaw can support up to two adults and one child and with the exception of the package deals  the rickshaw operators work for tips.


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2 responses to “Picture of the Week – Raleigh Rickshaw

  1. Donna Short-Webster

    A friend and I had a chance to enjoy one of these ‘wild rides’ after a show downtown and it was really fun and would love to do again.

  2. Donna,

    I need to check them out again once the nice spring weather sticks around. It’s such cool way to move about downtown and take in the scene.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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