Picture of the Week – “Plant a Row” event at Logan’s Trading Co.


This week’s picture was taken at the “Plant A Row” event at Logan’s Trading Company on Saturday. Mayor Meeker and the radio hosts from the “Weekend Gardener” show, Mike Raley and Anne Clapp, were on hand to help kick things off.

“Plant a Row” is an movement to encourage gardeners to plant an extra row of produce each year and donate their surplus to local food banks, soup kitchens and service organizations to help feed America’s hungry. The people at Logan’s were encouraging people to participate by providing a free bag of compost and a packet of seeds. You can still swing by this weekend to pick up your starter kit while supplies last. Then when you have some veggies to donate swing back by Logan’s to drop off your donation for the Interfaith Food Shuttle to pick up. 

You can read more about Plant a Row for the Hungry here.


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5 responses to “Picture of the Week – “Plant a Row” event at Logan’s Trading Co.

  1. Donna Webster

    Perfect timing as we just broke ground on our first garden so I will stop by and pick me up some compost – I would love to donate to a food bank.

  2. Donna,

    It’s not a big bag, just 5lbs but it is a start. I think you may need some more for your awesome garden! It is a great cause though! I’m looking forward to donating some of my garden veggies this summer.

  3. Great post & picture, John! Glad you got to stop by the Kick-Off. Logan’s did a great job organizing and we’re so excited about the Plant A Row season this year as the Triangle’s PAR partner.

    Donna- congrats on your 1st garden! We’ll be looking forward to taking your donated veggies out to folks in need.

    CeCe White
    Inter-Faith Food Shuttle

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