Milkshake Mondays at the Person Street Pharmacy!

Person Street Pharmacy Raleigh 100 After 5 years of living in Raleigh I finally stopped in at the Person Street Pharmacy to try one of their famous milkshakes. This is an interesting little pharmacy nestled between the Oakwood and Mordecai neighborhoods. It has been open in Raleigh since 1910 and is the only pharmacy left with a real soda fountain. Person Street Pharmacy Raleigh Milkshake They have a special on “Milkshake Mondays” when you can get a milkshake for just $2.50 or a malt for $3.00. I had a chocolate milksake and I must say it was pretty darn good. They make it with real chocolate icecream and milk and than spin it in an old fashioned milkshake mixer for a minute or two. I was there late in the afternoon on Monday just before closing so it was quiet, but I hear it draws quite a lunch crowd, especially on Wednesdays when they have a lunch special of two hotdogs for 99 cents. Person Street Pharmacy Raleigh 103 They also offer fresh made orangeade and tarty limeade drinks and are well known for their grilled pimento cheese sandwiches. I spoke to the two nice ladies working the day I stopped in and they mentioned that in addtion to their breakfast and lunch items they also sell cake by the slice which are baked fresh and dropped of every few days by a long time local resident named “Mrs. Ruby”. Apparently she is 95 years old and has supplied them with their cakes for many many years. Person Street Pharmacy Raleigh 101 You get the a real neighborhood store feel when you walk in the door and it seems like a great place to relax and escape from the outside hustle and bustle of downtown. The next time you are in downtown Raleigh and looking for a quick bite to eat, or a great milkshake or cold drink, check out a little bit of Raleigh history and drop into the fountain and grill at the pharmacy. You can see the rest of the pictures from my visit to the Person Street Fountain & Grill in my flickr photo album.

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