Picture of The Week: Carriage Rides in Downtown Raleigh


I took this picture Sunday afternoon in front of the NC Museum of Natural Science.  I’m not sure how much they charge, but you can take a short carriage ride around downtown. They also had a miature pony out in front of the Museum. I sure hope they don’t expect that little guy to cart people around too!


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2 responses to “Picture of The Week: Carriage Rides in Downtown Raleigh

  1. We drove by all the ponies and horse-goings-on downtown on our way out for a random exploration drive on Saturday (ended up in Rocky Mount via Glenwood ave to… ? not sure. We just went “East” for 2 hours… hehe!)

    Do they have all the horse and pony rides every weekend? Looks like a lot of fun! 🙂 I think we saw a kid riding the little pony… so hopefully it IS just one at a time 😉

    • Carrie – I’ve seen the horses there before. Not sure if they are there every weekend, but they do seem to be around on a pretty regular basis. I think I saw the little pony you mentioned. He was tiny. I think his name was “Marbles”. Poor little fella. I hope they don’t work him too hard!!

      Thanks forth comment. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Rocky Mount!!!

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