Picture of the Week – Busy Bee Cafe’


This week’s picture was taken from my table during a visit to the Busy Bee Cafe’ in downtown Raleigh on a recent Friday evening.  They have an interesting menu ranging from burgers and fish tacos to organic chicken and swordfish plates.  They also serve up some nice sides like creamy mac and cheese and southern classics like fried green tomatoes.  The beer list is fairly extensive and they even have a couple local brews on tap.  I really like the overall ambiance of the place and enjoy the look of the exposed brick walls.  A second bar located upstairs along with a small stage that’s used for various music acts and they even offer outdoor rooftop seating in the warmer months.  Worth checking out the next time you are downtown along Wimington Street.


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4 responses to “Picture of the Week – Busy Bee Cafe’

  1. Their draft beer list is always interesting. It’s where I can expect to find something seasonal or just plain special, often limited. My favorite place to enjoy excellent craft beer.

  2. So true deirdrereid! Seems like they regulalry tap a cask of some special new beer that they will have for just a limited time. Nice way to try new brews.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts about the Busy Bee!

  3. They have a pretty good veggie burger option, to boot; and in the summer, their limeade is fantastic! Also, they host a twice-weekly bluegrass jam (second and fourth Monday each month, 7-10 p.m.) – great space for listening to music, or playing along!

    • Jamie,

      I’ll have to try the veggie burger next time I visit. The limeade sounds like something I need to try too. Thanks for the info about the bluegrass jam. I have that on my radar now and hope to catch a jam session in the near future.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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