Picture of The Week – Strange Catch at Falls Lake!


Photo Courtesy of Les B. from City-Data.com

This week’s picture was submitted by city-data forum friend Les B.  He took this fascinating picture while fishing at Falls Lake in Raleigh.  The full story behind the photo was posted on the city-data relocation forum, which I have quoted below with his permission.  I’m glad Les and his friend were out on the lake that day to lend a hand to our furry friend!

“Buddy and I were fishing Falls Lake the other day and he spotted a squirrel swimming in the middle of Falls Lake.  I personally don’t have a love for them (they destroy my bird feeders) so I continued on fishing.  After a period of time my buddy said “I don’t think he’s going to make it” …. he must have been keeping an eye on the little critter.  I pulled along side and we netted him. Poor guy was totally exhausted.  Motored him to shore and released him. Took a minute or two for him to get his legs back but he eventually staggered off to the woods.  I found myself glad my buddy had kept an eye on him.  Unfortunately that ended up being the biggest thing we netted all day. How that squirrel ended up out there is a mystery but I suspect a bird of prey grabbed him and flew off only to drop him in the lake.”


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2 responses to “Picture of The Week – Strange Catch at Falls Lake!

  1. Art Jamison

    Congratulations! Like them or not, it’s always a noble thing to aid any creature in distress (It’s what it defines us as being human).

  2. Art,

    I agree. Always nice to see good deeds. I’m sure the little guy appreciates it too! Thanks for checking out my blog and stopping by to comment!

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