Food Truck Showcase Returns to Carrboro ~ December 4th 4-7pm


Following the huge success of the first showcase in November, the parking lot of Al’s Garage in Carrboro will once again play host  to the second food truck showcase this Saturday (December 4th) from 4-7pm.  In addition to the trucks featured at the last first event (Parlez-vous Crepes, Carrboro Raw, and Captain Poncho’s Tacos) this weekend’s showcase will also include Indian Food on Wheels.  I hear that there will also be some live music as well.


When I attended the showcase earlier this month I had an awesome chicken quessadilla from Captain Pancho’s taco truck. This was no ordinary quesadilla, the marinated chicken and mixture of cheeses they stuff the tortilla with made this one of the best I have ever had and rivals anything you will find in a restaurant.  The service is very quick and the prices are also very reasonable.  I wish we had ataco truck like this in Raleigh!  To learn more about Captain Pancho’s truck and where you can find them visit their facebook fanpage.


My wife and I also shared a green smoothie from the Carborro Raw truck.  They make fresh smoothies with organically and biodinamically grown fruits and vegetables (local whenever possible).  The healthy (and tasty) smoothie we had was was called a “Mint Thrill”.  It is made with a blend of organic kale, apple, and mint.  Carrboro Raw use to be found in lot just behind the Spotted Dog in downtown Carrboro, but a lengthy road construction project has temporarily displaced them so finding them at the showcase is a nice rare treat!  You can learn more about Carrboro Raw on their website and their facebook fanpage.


I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying a Crepe from Parlez-Vous crepes yet, but I hear great things about them and am looking forward to trying one at the showcase this weekend.  Now I just need to decide between one of their sweet or savory crepes.  They all look so good!  You can typically find the Parlez-Vous Crepe truck set up on Saturdays outside of Johnny’s in downtwon Carrborro, but to keep tabs on and where they will be next and check out their menu visit their website or facebook fanpage.

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