Return To The Triangle After Snowpocalypse 2010!


Car buried in the Snow

You may have noticed things have been a bit slow on the blog these past two weeks.  I took a short break for the holidays and spent time with family up in the northeast.  As luck would have it, I was staying in an area on New Jersey that took a direct hit  from Snopocalypse 2010 and was buried under 2 feet of snow.


Clearing the sidewalk of 2' of snow!

As you might imagine, my flight back to RDU airport was cancelled and I spent the better part of last week slowly shoveling my way out of NJ.  Thankfully, flights back to Raleigh were running on schedule by Thursday and I am now back in the Triangle and ready to get out and do more exploring (and blogging) in the New Year!


Roads looking better by day three!

I’m sorry I missed the White Christmas here in the Triangle, but I think I’ve had my fill of snow for the winter already after being snowed in for three straight days.  Even though New Jersey has a lot of road equipment to deal with this type of weather (unlike the Triangle), it still took several days to get many of the primary and secondary roads clear.


Snowpocalypse 2010!

It sure was nice going from this …. to the balmy 60 degree weather we had here in Raleigh on Saturday.  It’s good to be back home in the Triangle!


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2 responses to “Return To The Triangle After Snowpocalypse 2010!

  1. Great Photos.
    And that is how some stuff, including a couple of feet of snow, should be experienced. Looking at photos!

  2. You may be on to something Mike! I’m glad I don’t have to dig out the driveway yet again!

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