Picture of the Week: The Geer Street Garden in Durham!


The Geer Street Garden in Durham (formerly Fletcher's Gulf Station)

I snapped this week’s photo on Sunday on a drive through Durham.  Pictured above is the soon to be opened Geer Street Garden.  It is a new restaurant and bar located in the former Fletcher’s Gulf Station on the corner of Foster and Geer Streets in downtown Durham. They are slated to open their doors for the very first time tomorrow (Thursday May 5, 2011). Their website is still under construction, but a statement on their landing page boasts “a large outdoor patio that’s a perfect place to meet you friends and neighbors for a pint of beer and a local pasture raised burger”. To learn more about the unique history and see some cool old photos of this building in its former life check out this great post on the Endangered Durham Blog.  You can learn more about Geer Street Garden by following them on their facebook fanpage.  I hope to share additional pictures of this latest addition to downtown Durham once I have had the opportunity to enjoy a visit.

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