Picture of the Week – 42nd Street Oyster Bar at RDU Airport

42nd Street Oyster Bar

42nd Street Oyster Bar at RDU Airport

I was headed out of town to visit family for the Easter holiday last week and made my very first visit to new Terminal 2 at RDU Airport to catch a flight. The new terminal is very bright and slick looking.  I snapped the picture above as I made my way to my flight’s departure gate. I had no idea that the 42nd Street Oyster Bar had a second location in Raleigh. Until last week I was only aware of their location in downtown on West Jones Street. It is interesting to see them branch out and open a second restaurant out at the airport. I was pressed for time and couldn’t stop to eat, but I hope to try out the food at this location on a future visit. Two thumbs up overall for the new Terminal 2 out at RDU!

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