Bull City Burger & Brewery in Durham – A “Must Go” for Burger Lovers!

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If you are looking for one of the best burgers in the Triangle then you need to get yourself over to Bull City Burger and Brewery (BCBB) located at 107 Parrish Street in Downtown Durham (Map). BCBB has been open a little over a year but for some crazy reason I have only recently had the opportunity to eat there. Actually, these photos are from my visit back in April for my Birthday. I’ve been back since and have been meaning to post this review for some time but one thing lead to another and I am only now getting around to sharing my thoughts on this great place.

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BCBB serves lunch and dinner seven days a week and offers ample seating with approximately 90 seats inside in addition to 50 seats of outside patio dining. The interior has an old fashioned looking stamped tin ceiling, with warm LED lighting, and natural light spilling in from large front windows providing a great view of the sidewalk of Parrish Street. The dining area features open seating with communal style picnic tables made of reclaimed wood. Or if you prefer, you can grab a stool at the bar and order / eat your food there. I enjoyed sitting at the bar. It has a large mirror along the length of the bar wall behind the taps and glasses providing a great view dining room and steel fermenters in the brewery situated behind you while sitting at the bar.

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BCBB is not your run of the mill burger joint.  The food served there is high quality – from the burgers all the way down to the toppings.  The restaurant can be best described as “farm-to-fork,” as they work closely with local pasture raised beef farmers supplying beef with no hormones added and antibiotic-free meat. This is a HUGE plus in my book. It is important to me that not only do the burgers taste amazing, but that I know where my food is coming from and what it has and doesn’t have in it. These burgers are locally sourced and made of high quality beef. The beef is grinded daily to make their hamburgers and all-beef hotdogs.  BCBB also works with other local farmers growing produce to be used in their burger toppings, such as tomatoes, cucumbers for pickles, and lettuce.  In fact, most of the items on the menu are produced on-site including the house made buns, sauerkraut and bacon.   They do not use artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils.

Bull City Burger & Brewery 510

With all the great offerings on the menu, I have to admit I am pretty traditional when it comes to what I want on a burger. I just want quality beef, cheese and some pickles along with mustard and ketchup all situated on a fantastic bun. In addition to the traditional burgers offered, BCBB also has an extensive specialty burger menu for those looking for something extra special. Like the The Over Easy with bacon and fried egg, and the Green Monster with Gruyere Cheese, Raw Onion and Roasted Poblano Peppers.  They also serve all beef, hotdogs, chili, and a non-meat three bean burger. Their fries are equally amazing and come two different ways. You can get “dirty” fries done in peanut oil, or “duck frites” made using duck fat and fresh rosemary. Both are amazing! You can view the full menu here.

Bull City Burger & Brewery 501

BCBB is also a working brewery and they brew their own beer. They usually have eight beers on-tap at any given time rotating seasonally throughout the year. Beer is available by the pint, pitcher, sampler and Tower of Beer Power in the restaurant, as well as to take home in growlers and kegs. I love the idea of samplers when it comes to beer. This allows you to try three or more different beers in small four once pours for $1.35 per sample. On my visit back in April I selected four beers to sample: Bryant Bridge Gateway Golden Ale, Full Frame “Reel” Amber Ale, Parrish Street Pale Ale, and the “Stonewall” Jackson Brown Ale. I was very pleased with all of the beers I tried and think BCBB doesn’t get as much attention as they deserve regarding their well crafted brews. It is my opinion that they are some of the best beers made right here in the Triangle.

The is beer is indeed awesome, but the folks at BCBB take wine seriously too and feature a great selection of estate grown wines from around the world, which are served on-tap via the Enomantic self serve wine dispensing machine.

Bull City Burger & Brewery 514

So, while it has taken me a while to share my thoughts on BCBB, let me close by saying this is place is a “must go” on any foodies list. It is a double whammy offering the best in locally sourced burgers and some of the best beer made in the Triangle.  You can read more about Bull City Burger and Brewery on their website or follow them on facebook and twitter for updates to their menu and details about future events.

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