My First Burger From The New Burgerfi in Raleigh!

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Burgerfi – Raleigh, NC

I had heard there was a new Burgerfi in Cary, but it wasn’t until reading the announcement in Triangle Food Guy’s “Friday Fun Food Facts” newsletter a few weeks ago that I realized that one had opened in Raleigh as well. The Raleigh location is in Holly Park Shopping Center shopping center off Six Forks Road just south of 440 (the one with a Trader Joe’s). Being the burger lover that I am I just had to swing by for a visit last  week.

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Interior Seating

For those who have never heard of them, Burgerfi is a regional chain that originated in Florida. They are known for serving all natural burgers (vegetarian fed Angus beef free of  antibiotics  & hormones) served on their signature branded bun. BurgerFi also offers a variety of hot dogs they refer to as “Hipster Dogs”, french fries, and frozen custard deserts. In addition to food, they also serve wine and beer including two NC beers on tap (Lonerider & Red Oak).

The Raleigh location sports a trendy interior with digital menu displays behind the counter, wood paneled walls with an aluminum ceiling accented by unique metal light fixtures, and a massive ceiling fan hovering above the stained concrete floor.

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Build you own burger & order of fries

When you order at the counter you are given a pager that alerts you when your order is ready.I enjoyed the single cheeseburger and order of fries I had during my first visit. The burger tasted fresh and I liked the toasted bun. Though I don’t get a lot of toppings on my burgers the pickles I had tasted of superior quality.

I do wish the burger was slightly larger, but I did find the meal filling while not feeling overly “stuffed”. The fries are excellent too. The regular order of fries is not as big as you might find at say Five Guys, but I find that to be a positive as I can’t resist fries and don’t like to be tempted to over indulge. All in all, the portion size was good for the price. My single cheeseburger, fries and a drink set me back $9.92 including tax.

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Patio Seating

An unexpected highlight I really enjoyed was the nice outdoor seating on the covered patio. This seating area is well designed providing a nice open feeling that overlooks a small wooded area and part of the front parking lot. There are also two flat screen tvs on the patio making it a great place to enjoy your burger outside while watching a game.

All in all I enjoyed really my first visit to Burgerfi and plan to return. For more information and to view their full menu visit their website at:


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2 responses to “My First Burger From The New Burgerfi in Raleigh!

  1. I wondered about this. I’ve seen the one in Cary. I will have to give it a try.

  2. Let me know what you think Leigh. I might swing by the Cary location the next time I am over that way!

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