Picture of the Week! Banana Mobile in Downtown Raleigh?


So I felt the need to share more than just one picture this week in order to fully capture the sight I stumbled across last night. As I was driving home from downtown Raleigh yesterday I spotted this interesting automobile in the parking lot of the Krispy Kreme on Person Street.


Needless to say, this mysterious “banana mobile” drew a lot of attention and a small crowd had gathered as the driver was inside buying some coffee and donuts. Parents were taking pictures of their children in front of it and cars were stopping in traffic to gawk.


There was a passenger in the banana (it appears to seat 4), but onlookers were unable to get much information from her about the origin of the vehicle.


So for now, the the purpose of and origin of the banana mobile remain a mystery, but it sure made my night running across this. You never know what you will encounter while exploring the Triangle!


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