Picture of the Week: Yarn Bomb!


I snapped this week’s picture last Friday while walking back to which was parked by the Oak City Cycling Project on Franklin Street in downtown Raleigh. I had just picked up my race packet for the Krispy Kreme challange at the Krispy Kreme shop on Person Street and caught a glimpse of this sneaky cat out of the corner of my eye. While amusing myself with the cat’s antics I noticed this colorful creation known as a”yarn bomb”.

In case you didn’t know, a “yarn bomb” is a type of street art that uses colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fiber rather than paint or chalk. You see them most often in downtown urban areas though they sometimes appear on traffic signs out in the suburbs. Either way, I thought it was a nice addition to the streetscape and I plan to keep an eye out for other examples around downtown.


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2 responses to “Picture of the Week: Yarn Bomb!

  1. Love it! I’m yarnbombing Washington, D.C. this weekend and am looking forward to many projects in Tennessee soon.

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