Latte Art Throwdown at Jubala Village Coffee in North Raleigh ~ February 28th 7pm!


Local baristas pouring latte art

It is time once again to cheer on the Triangle’s most talented baristas as they put their skills to the ultimate test at the next Thursday Night Throwdown (TNT) latte art competition this Thursday, February 28th at 7pm. The event is hosted by Counter Culture Coffee and the great people at Jubala Village Coffee in Raleigh. As always, these throwdowns are a celebration of the local coffee culture and feature the areas best barsitas from the many great local coffee shops throughout the the Triangle. It is a friendly competition open to all (cost $5 to enter) and is free to watch.


Example of latte art: The Rosetta

What is a Latte Art Throwdown?

This is how it works: baristas put their names in a hat and are selected at random to go head to head creating espresso coffee drinks featuring identical latte art designs which are then compared against each other and judged by a three person panel made up of local coffee experts. Judging is typically based on four categories:

1) Aesthetic Beauty

2) Definition

3) Color Infusion

4) Degree of Difficulty and Creativity

photo 1

The New La Marzocco Strada Espresso Machine at Jubala Village Coffee!

The winner moves on to the next round to compete again until an ultimate champion is crowned. The purpose of a throwdown is to cultivate a coffee culture that respects presentation and quality – and of course having a fun time doing it! The winning barista not only wins bragging rights, but he/she also wins some great prizes! This month’s throwdown will be particularly special as baristas will be working with Jubala’s new espresso machine, the La Marzocco Strada! This machine is special in that it allows the baristas to manipulate the amount of pressure pushed through the coffee which can result in different qualities being pulled out of the bean leading to different flavors being expressed.


TNT Event Details

– Date/Time: Thursday February 28th 7-9pm

– Location: Jubala Village Coffee – 8450 Honeycutt Road – Raleigh, NC

– Open to the public

– $5 for baristas to enter the competition

photo 2

Cortado paired with Jubala’s famous biscuit & Big Spooners peanut butter!

Jubala Village Coffee Wins Square Wallet Challenge!
In case you missed it, earlier this month Jubala was announced as a winner of the Square Wallet Challenge by Visa. Jubala was one of only twenty small businesses in the US to win this award. Square Wallet is a moblie payment application for customers that enables them to find neighborhood businesses and pay using only their phone. Congratulations Jubala!

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