Places to Get Pizza for your Super Bowl Party

Pie Pushers – Durham, NC

Each year I like to plan ahead and think about where I will get pizza and beer to enjoy during the Super Bowl. I know that creating a list of “great pizza” places can be very subjective since everyone has their own criteria and favorite styles, but there really are some great places in the Triangle no matter what your tastes are. With that in mind I conducted an informal twitter poll this week to find out where people like to get a good pie. Below is a quick list the most popular recommendations with a few of my own added to the mix (in no particular order).

I will however give a special nod to Pie Pushers as one of my personal favorites (pictured above). I visited their new Brick & Mortar location in Durham just this week.  I’m a huge fan of their NY Style slices and highly recommend checking them out if you are in Durham.

My 2017 list of places to get a great pie across the Triangle:

Frank’s Pizza

Wakefield / Wake Forest

Dante’s Italiano


Pie Pushers
Pizzeria Toro
Tre Forni

Chapel Hill
Capp’s Pizzeria


Pizzeria Mercato
Napoli Pizza (Wood-Fired Pizza Truck)


Patrick Jane’s (Gluten Free Options)


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