Ticket Giveaway for “Brain Candy Live” at DPAC on March 1st


The new live show BRAIN CANDY LIVE!, starring Adam Savage, the former co-host of the Emmy-nominated Discovery series “MythBusters,” and Michael Stevens, creator of award-winning YouTube Channel “Vsauce” will debut at the DPAC for one night only on Wednesday, March 1st.

The show is an outrageous evening of entertainment from two of the most amazing minds of our time.  The two will be bringing more than three tons of their crazy toys, incredible tools and mind-blowing demonstrations for a celebration of curiosity that’s been described as “A cross between TED Talks and the Blue Man Group.”

Savage and Stevens can’t wait to unleash their collective sense of wonder, curiosity and fun for audiences to join-in and get their minds messy. The show has been described as a two-hour play date with Walt Disney, Willy Wonka and Albert Einstein.

Ask yourself, “Is it possible to 3D print a human – live onstage?” “Can you slow down the effects of gravity with something we throw away every day?” “What happens if everyone on earth jumps in the air at exactly the same time?” Discover all this and more as Adam and Michael entertainingly answer questions, question answers and talk Mother Nature into doing some things she’s never done before!

Ticket Giveaway
Thanks to the great folks at DPAC I am excited to be able to offer one lucky reader two free tickets to the Brain Candy Live show on March 1st. To enter just leave a comment below about why love science or simply share a memory about your favorite science show on tv. You can earn additional entries into the drawing by sharing this post on twitter and facebook using the hashtag #ExploreBrainCandy. The winner will be randomly selected on Monday February 20th. Good Luck!



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25 responses to “Ticket Giveaway for “Brain Candy Live” at DPAC on March 1st

  1. Megan

    I love science so much I’m getting a PhD in Science Education so I can help improve how science is taught so we can get more people interested in science! #science!

  2. Daniel

    I love science which is why I’m working at a biotech trying to help those that are suffering from disease

  3. Rick Gardner

    I love the battle in Nacho Libre where one says he is a man of science and that he doesn’t believe in religion. Nacho then force baptizes him…

  4. melissadaniel

    I love science and discovering new facts and fun experiments with my kids.

  5. Brandon Eason

    I have loved science since I was a kid. I love understanding how things work. Chemistry made the most sense to me, and now I’m a chemical engineer.

  6. Andy Clarke

    I love science. Science classes at school were always fun, interesting and with chemistry there was always the possibility of making something go bang!

  7. Entering for my husband who loves science — particularly engineering and chemistry. He works in the medicine field and in his downtime he watches sciences videos on YouTube, including Vsauce! He would absolutely love these tickets!

  8. Glenn G.

    My favorite science show on TV is “Nova” on PBS. I remember watching it as a kid and being blown away by the enormity of what we don’t know about our world.

  9. Lea Chan

    Science explains the world around us! I remember thinking science teachers are the smartest people in the room.

    Thanks for the the contest!

  10. I was a huge fan of Star Trek TNG growing up. Not technically educational but definitely gets you thinking about science and space.

  11. Phil Jakes

    As an engineer and now with kids in HS, its fun to rediscover with them so many cool things about how the world works… as well as see how much we as a society have figured out since I was in HS!

  12. olivia

    i love science because i like discovering knew things

  13. Michael Abshire

    Science has been part of my life forever. I recently graduated from ECU with an industrial engineering degree. My thirst for knowledge keeps me learning everyday. I remember growing up watching the mythbusters I’ve seen every episode at least twice.

    I would love to go to this ahow meeting Jamie and Adam is on my bucket list. I could at least partially check that one off my list.

  14. GD

    I love science, because science is a gateway to understand more about ourself and the future!

  15. Matthew Johnson

    Like a neutron, I am hoping to win these tickets so there will be “no charge”.

  16. Julie

    My son and I love to watch MythBusters to explore science, math, tech, & “BLOWING THINGS UP!” (<-my son's words). We ❤ Adam Savage!!

  17. This is a great giveaway, and while I find it fascinating, it’s my 9yo who loves science. She and my husband talk about it quite often, and this would be an amazing gift for them! Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Kim Gill

    Who doesn’t love science!!

  19. Watched Mythbusters with my kids when they were teens. I would love to go to show.

  20. drew morris

    I’ve grown up with science, from experiments and other crazy things as kids to actually going to school for my associates in biology.

    but my favorite story is when i reached fourth grade. my teacher had just moved to NC and we went to meet the teacher night. she was wild and crazy and i thought i could have fun in the class, but i was also scared because i was shy and didnt see many of my friends in class with me.

    imagine my “delight” when my teacher and my mom became friends over the course of that year. yeah, totally awesome right? who wouldn’t want their teacher and their mom to be friends. at least my teacher’s son was my age and we became friends too. anyway my mom and teacher became friends, our families were very close and life was (and is) great. they’re still friends to this day actually.

    but when i reached middle school they started a business together. it was based off of their want to do the things teachers didn’t have time to reach in school, the experiments that kids didn’t get to do in class. think rockets and balsa wood bridges that can hold your body weight. cool stuff.

    i was just the right age to not understand anything but that we got to do cool science stuff with mom and my former teacher! we even got to help clean the office! and do every single experiment they did in camp with our friends. we came home from school, built a rocket and a bridge and tested which soda was better for distance with Mentos: diet or orange? its diet by the way

    as i got older i had the chance to teach the younger classes, helping show the faces of the moon with Oreo cookies and building Lego robots. things changed, the office moved, we had field trips and in-school field trips. i helped set up and move our booths and tables for science fairs and spring flings alike.

    and at the center of it all was getting to teach science to kids. that was the goal my mom and her business partner set out to do and that’s what they still do today. from fourth grade until now i was taught how things worked, how to lead by example and how to teach science to kids of all ages. over the summer we held camps and day trips where i taught rockets and robots and crime scene investigation. i still teach every Wednesday at one of the schools, we’re doing color and light sensing robots and teaching them to follow codes. and over the summer i teach for 3-9 weeks every single day, more robots and some paleontology on the side.

    i can put on my resume that i teach science to kids. science has been a huge part of my life, its made me friends and taught me how to enjoy the cool things we can do with science. its a lot of fun to see kids light up when their rocket launches and when they figure out who killed Mr. Bones. Science is awesome

  21. Kendall

    I love science because it lets you understand the world on a whole new level

  22. sharpesrus

    Understanding science helps us better this world. Experimentation (with success AND failure) helps expand our knowledge of science.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Brandy Embry

    My son is a Junior and Valedictorian. He loves science and wants to see this show very much. I would send his Twim brother who is Salutorian with him.

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