Sunflower Fields in Bloom along the Neuse Greenway ~ Summer 2017 

Raleigh Sunflower Fields
(Photo courtesy of Penny Lynn)

The Raleigh Sunflower Fields are now in bloom along the lower portion of the Neuse Greenway Trail near the Wake / Johnston County boarder.  The field is located along the trail at mile marker 25.25 where it runs along Old Baucom Road. There is no parking there but you can use the physical address of 8232 Old Baucom Road if you want to drive by the field in your car. If you want to walk to the field you can park at the Neuse Greenway parking lot located at 6090 Mial Plantation Road. Once you park you turn right on the trail and the field is a 1 mile walk away. You will pass over the Neuse River on the greenway bridge along the way.

The field is beautiful but is a quite a bit smaller than last year. If you plan to visit the field I recommend getting out there within the next week. After that they will start dying off from the summer heat.

Many don’t realize this, but these fields are actually owned by the City of Raleigh and are used to land apply treated wastewater. The plants are grown on the fields to take up the nutrients from the wastewater, which basically acts like a fertilizer for the flowers. Afterwards the city harvests the plants to convert them into biodiesel. Because it is City of Raleigh property you’ll need to enjoy the view of the field from behind the white fences that line the fields. To learn more about the Neuse Greenway and download a full map of the trail visit the Neuse Greenway website here.

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