Circus 1903 Brings Big Top Thrills to DPAC September 26th – October 1st

Circus 2

Circus 1903 Elephant (Photo by Mark Turner)

It’s been a long time since I have been the the circus, but next week I will get my chance to relive that sense of wonder at “Circus 1903″ playing at the Durham Performing Arts Center September 26th through October 1st. Now this show is no ordinary circus, it is a thrilling turn of the century big top spectacular harking back to old-fashioned circus arts such as knife-throwing, hand to hand acrobatics and aerial ballet. This is a circus re-imagined from the producers of the world’s biggest magic show, The Illusionists and the award winning puppeteers from War Horse. 

The show is unique in that it takes aspects of the traditional circus and adds a fresh, innovative and humane spin on them. One magical change is the use of carefully constructed and realistic puppets in place of actual animals. The elephants featured in Circus 1903 are puppets, brought to life by the talented team at Significant Object (the award-winning puppeteers from War Horse). 


The Hammer Guys (Photo by Mark Turner)

The show also features a talented case of real circus stars. They are hand-selected from all around the world with 15 different countries represented in the cast. It is a team of incredible artists and athletes with many coming from multi-generational circus families from all over the world.

I spoke with Petter Vatermark, one of The “hammer” guys and teeter board experts touring with the show as part of the trio of wonderful tumblers know as the “The Flying Fins”. “It’s an incredible family friendly show that appeals to a wide audience. Everyone from families bringing their grandchildren to a special exciting date night,” said Vatermark. “The elephants are a big draw and capture people’s imaginations, but it is truly an exciting evening from start to finish with wonderful acts that focuses on the outstanding talent of the artists and features the amazing creatures brought to life before your eyes through magic of puppetry.”

This show sounds like something fun and different to experience at the theater. With sensational puppetry, an exciting musical score and a cast of amazing skilled performers bringing exciting circus acts from all four corners of the world to Durham, this show is sure to remind people why they love the circus in the first place. I can’t wait to check it out!

“Circus 1903” has performances at DPAC Tuesday Sept. 26th through Sunday, Oct. 1st. For tickets visit

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