Picture of the Week: The Beers of Brewery Bhavana

I haven’t been to Bhavana in downtown Raleigh to eat yet (something I hope to remedy soon) but last week I was lucky enough to find some of their great beers for sale in the Pelagic Bottle shop along Person Street. The beers were AMAZING! All three were excellent, but my favorite was the “Grove” which is their Double IPA. I loved its fruity notes and overall citrus flavor.

I have heard wonderful things about the restaurant itself which is part bookstore, part flower shop, and part dining area / bar with a menu that focuses on dim sum dishes. Since opening it has quickly become a very popular place to eat and reservations can be hard to come by on the weekends without looking a few months ahead.

My hope is that my wife and I will be able to pay them a visit on a weekday sometime soon when perhaps they are not quite as busy so we can score a table. I look forward to sharing about our visit soon!


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2 responses to “Picture of the Week: The Beers of Brewery Bhavana

  1. Wow – those cans are really pretty! Hopefully they have made their way to The Glass Jug and I can pick up some Grove today!

    Bhavana is definitely at the very top of my list of places I need to go the next time I can get over to Raleigh!

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