Caraleigh Commons in Raleigh

I was at Trophy Brewing on Maywood Avenue just south of downtown Raleigh over the Labor Day weekend and grabbed a quick picture of these new homes going up just across the street from Trophy Brewing. A quick search online tells me this new neighborhood is called Caraleigh Commons and it is being developed by CitySpace Homes.Once all phases of development are completed it will consist of  around 50 historically inspired homes just outside of downtown.

I like the fusion of historic and modern looks incorporated in the design of these houses. Some of them remind me of homes you might find along the beach. And of course living here means you are just a short stroll from one of Raleigh’s best breweries!

You can read more about the Caraleigh Commons neighborhood here:


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2 responses to “Caraleigh Commons in Raleigh

  1. We were over that way Saturday, Looks like Dorothea Lane….

  2. A nice neighborhood with different roofing’s and house designs.A great spot to live, south of downtown Raleigh.

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