Olde Raleigh Distillery to Host Mixology and Bourbon Blending Classes This Weekend!

Head Distiller and Master Proprietor Brandon McCraney is taking customers of his Zebulon-based bourbon distillery to school. From private flight tastings to mixology classes and more, this weekend, Brandon and Olde Raleigh Distillery are giving locals unlimited access to the ins and outs of creating and tasting their blended bourbons.

On Saturday, the distillery will host a hands-on cocktail course where they’ll guide you through the art of crafting the perfect bourbon-based cocktail. Tickets for the 90 minute cocktail course are $42 per person. Each cocktail will feature two of the distillery’s signature bourbon blends, and bottles will be available on site for purchasing to make at home!

On Sunday, Brandon will lead a Bourbon 101 Workshop, where he’ll talk through the history and key events that have shaped our nation’s spirit and guide a sensory tasting and discussion. Class starts at 2pm and tickets are $55 per person.

From picking the right barrels all the way through production until his blended bourbons hit the nose (then the lips), Brandon will break things down to the last scientific drop in hopes that through education, he can cultivate a community of bourbon enthusiasts with an appreciation for the process.

For more information about Olde Raleigh visit their webste at https://olderaleighdistillery.com and follow them on instagram at @olderaleighdistillery

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