Raleigh Sunflower Field ~ 2022

I stopped by the sunflowers at Dix Park early this morning and they are in full bloom! The field looks great! The combination of rain and sun these past few weeks has helped produce a healthy crop of flowers this year. The flowers are the shorter variety (3’-4’) but still make for great photos. A new addition this year is the oversized “selfie couch” set up next to the field to enhance your Instagram shots. To enjoy the blooms in their prime I believe this week and next will be the best time to visit as the flowers tend to wilt after a few weeks of the July sun.

Visitors are welcome to check out the sunflowers all month long from dawn to dusk. The fields can be a little muddy if it has been raining and it is always a good idea to wear a hat and bring some bottled water. There isn’t much shade out there and it gets super-hot under the July sun!

The sunflower field at Dix Park is located off Hunt Drive near the soccer fields and the historic cemetery. The best way to find them is to enter the park on Hunt Drive off Western Boulevard. Once on Hunt Drive you will quickly notice signs for parking in a large soccer field and gravel parking lot on your right. You can park there and easily access the field from the gravel lot.

Click here for a google map of the field location (or just punch in the address 75 Hunt Drive into your GPS. For more information visit https://dixpark.org/sunflowers.

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