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Dog Parks in the Triangle

After living in Raleigh for a while I have come to realize that there are a lot of people here who have dogs.  There are several dog parks located across the Triangle where pet owners can let their dogs run free safely and legally without a leash. 

Most of the locations offer separate play areas for big dogs and little dogs. Check out each town’s dog park website for specific details. Below is a quick list the current dog parks located in the area.


Millbrook Exchange Dog Park
1905 Spring Forest Road, Raleigh, NC

Park features a water spigot and buckets so you can let your dog have a drink.

Oakwood Dog Park
910 Brookside Drive, Raleigh, NC

Includes large dog park and a small dog park for older dogs or for dogs that are anxious around larger dogs.

Carolina Pines Dog Park
2305 Lake Wheeler Road, Raleigh, NC

Three separate fenced in areas, each being covered in a layer of mulch and having plenty of space for your dog to run freely.

Link to more information about Raleigh Dog Parks: Link


Piney Wood Park
400 East Woodcroft Parkway, Durham, NC

Three acres of land with four enclosed areas including a small dog area 15” or smaller, 30 lbs and under, and one for dogs 30 lbs. and over.

North Gate ParkPiney Wood Park
300 West Club Boulevard, Durham, NC

Includes a Big dog area for dogs 15” or taller, 30 lbs and over, and a separate “Pup Pen” fenced area for dogs smaller than 15” and 30lbs and under.

Link to more inforamtion about Durham Dog Parks: Link

Chapel Hill

Homestead Dog Park 
100 Northern Park Drive, Chapel Hill, NC

A 20,000 square foot enclosed area with a 5 foot high fence to prevent dogs from escaping. 

Southern Community Dog Park
1000 Dogwood Acres drive , Chapel Hill NC

A2-acre dog park with water and a small dog area.

Link to more inforamtion about Chapel Hill Dog Parks: Link


CaryDog Park 
2050 North West Maynard Road, Cary, NC

Park is one acre and located adjacent to Godbold Park. Annual Membership & Day Pass fees apply. Check out the town website for more inforamtion. 

Link to more inforamtion about the Cary Dog Park: Link

Wake Forest

 Flaherty Dog Park
1150 Nort hWhite Street, Wake Forest, NC

The park is approximately two acres and located adjacent to the Flaherty Park baseball and softball fields.

Link to more inforamtion about the Flaherty Dog Park: Link


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