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Picture of The Week: The Raleigh Bar!


A few months ago I had the opportunity to visit downtown Portland and while strolling through a chocolate shop in the Pearl District called Cacoa I came across a chocolate bar made with pecan, nougat, bacon and caramel. It was called the “Raleigh Bar” and had an image of Sir Walter Raleigh splashed across the wrapper. Of course I had to buy one of theses bars and it wasquite delicious.

As much as I loved the Portland and the chocolate I found there, the Triangle chocolate scene is pretty darn good too. In fact, Raleigh is now the home of two “bean to bar” chcoclate shops. The next time you are in downtown Raleigh and need something for your sweet tooth check out Escazu Chocolates on Blount Street and Videri Chocolate Factory on Davie Street in Warehouse district.

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