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The Triangle sees its first snow of 2010!

Today the residents of the Triangle woke up to a rare wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain.  Some places like North Raleigh only received 3-4″ of snow while parts of Northern Durham and Orange County were blanketed with 6-10″. With all the coverage leading up to the storm, snow shovels and sleds were flying off the shelves at local hardware stores with parents waiting in line for over an hour to purchase them in some cases.  During a quick stroll through the Bedford this morning I saw lots of kids putting those new sleds to good use!

Along with the snow, we seem to have gotten a fair amount of sleet and freezing rain which has managed to pack down into a nice thick sheet of ice on most secondary roads. Given that the temps will remain below freezing for the next couple of days the road conditions will likely not be very good over the remainder of the weekend and may even affect the Monday morning commute. All the more reason to make it a three day weekend in my opinion!


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