Picture of the Week – Abbots Creek Trail in North Raleigh

DSC09408 (1)

Abbots Creek Greenway – North Raleigh

These past few months I have found myself spending a lot of time on the Raleigh Greenway System as I get ready to run my very first Marathon this November. I will be running in the City of Oaks Marathon right here in Raleigh and I’ve been training all summer to meet this new challenge. I live close to the new Neuse Greenway Trail and one of my favorite routes takes connects me with the nearby Abbots Creek Trail (pictured above). I love running on this trail and enjoy the view from the pedestrian bridge as I run over the marshy terrain in that area. It is amazing to run on this trail and take in the natural surroundings in an otherwise highly developed suburban area of Raleigh. It is particularly stunning in the fall as the foliage begins change color. I hope you get a chance to get outside and enjoy it this weekend. It is going to be a great one!

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