Yellow Dog Bread Hosts Latte Art Throwdown June 26th


Yellow Dog Bread Company in downtown Raleigh is set to host this month’s Triangle “Thursday Night Throwdown” (TNT) latte art competition this Thursday at 7:30pm. During the event local baristas will compete head to head creating beautiful latte art that will be evaluated by a panel of three judges. The public is invited to attend an enjoy the show. Jenny Bonchak of Slingshot Coffee Co. and Chef Scott Crawford from the soon to be Standard Foods have been announced as judges. A third “mystery judge” will be revealed on Thursday night.


AJ Viola Creating Latte Art

The purpose of these friendly competitions is to cultivate a coffee culture that respects presentation and quality coffee drinks and provides an opportunity for the local coffee community to come together and have some fun! They are also entertaining to attend. In addition to free/pretty lattes (attendees can drink the lattes created during the competition), there will be House made baguette pizzas and local beer from Raleigh Brewing.

Latte Art

Latte art is typically judged based on four criteria: balance and symmetry, use of space, color contrast and definition, and overall impression.  The judges compare the appearance of drinks based on these factors and decide which barista will move on to the next round. After several rounds of competition, the field is narrowed down to two baristas to face off one last time to crown the ultimate champion of the evening.

Yellow Dog Bread Co. ~ Raleigh, NC

If you haven’t been to one of these events I highly recommend you stop by Thursday night to check out Yellow Dog Bread and watch some of the throwdown. If you share any pictures on twitter of instagram be sure to tag them with the hashtag #TriangleTNT. Thursday’s throwdown is open to the public, free to attend and just $5 to compete.

Yellow Dog Bread Co.
219 East Franklin Street – Raleigh, NC (map)
twitter: @yellowdogbread
instagram: @yellowdogbread

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