Help Cocoa Cinnamon Open a Second Shop in Durham


Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham, NC

Cocoa Cinnamon is my favorite place to get coffee in Durham. They are a multi-roaster shop offering carefully crafted coffee and espresso drinks, chocolate and tea and locally made baked goods & desserts. The space is fantastic too with both indoor and outdoor seating that serves as a nice transition from to active Geer Street location in Durham’s “DIY” (Do It Yourself) district. But this is no ordinary coffee shop. Cocoa Cinnamon’s owners, Leon and Areli Barrera de Grodski, see their business as a community oriented shop providing a living wage to their employees and a welcoming environment to customers that is “open to all people and strives, through commerce and service, to support a sustainable, democratic and artistic way of being.”


Cocoa Cinnamon Owners Leon and Areli Barrera de Grodski

Local engagement is an important part of what makes Cocoa Cinnamon such a special place. They are currently working on opening a second shop in Durham and using Community Sourced Capital campaign to raise part of the funds needed to make the second shop a reality. This is an opportunity for the community to be a part of the local movement and show support for local small businesses by becoming a “squareholder” and making a small (increments of $50) interest free loan to support the second shop.

These funds will go towards tangible things, like outdoor seating, a new espresso machine, and a unique space designed through the collaboration of local artists. It will also help Cocoa Cinnamon create a thriving business that will bring in the income to pay more than a living wage and enable them to offer career positions for their long term crew and deepen their ability to help build opportunity in the local community.


Indoor Seating with Garage Door Opening to Outside

If you are looking for a great coffee experience I highly recommend a visit to Cocoa Cinnamon. To be a part of the community support behind their second shop and learn more about how to become a squareholder visit their Community Sourced Capital campaign website here.

Cocoa Cinnamon
420 W. Geer Street
Durham, NC (map)
twitter: @CocoaCinnamon




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2 responses to “Help Cocoa Cinnamon Open a Second Shop in Durham

  1. Cocoa Cinnamon is also my fave in Durham, and this is so cool! Thanks for sharing all this info, and the great background on the owners.

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