Taco Revolution Brings Breakfast Tacos to the Triangle


Yesterday I had my first breakfast taco ever and I think it may be my new favorite way to start the day. Tacos made by Taco Revolution are now on the morning menu at both Brew Coffee Bar and and Cafe de los Muertos in downtown Raleigh. They currently offer steak, chicken, sausage, and vegetarian tacos, which are delivered fresh each morning and typically available until 11am or until they sell out.

I had a the steak taco stuffed with grilled beef tenderloin, cage free scrambled eggs, aged cheddar, and potatoes. It was delicious and just what I needed after my morning run through downtown. Taco Revolution tacos are also available at a few other locations around the Triangle with more being added each week.  To find a full list of places to find their tacos visit the Taco Revolution website http://tacorevo.com/.

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