Win tickets to See Illusionist Adam Trent at DPAC February 15th

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I love magic and  illusions so I am really excited about seeing Adam Trent dazzle the audience with his mind bending show at the DPAC next Thursday, February 15th. Adam is the breakout star of the world’s best selling magic show The Illusionists, and is now on tour with his own 90-minute show that brings his signature brand of futuristic magic and illusion that many are calling “the next generation of magic”.

If you are a fascinated by illusions and magic just like me, or just want to do something a little different for a special date during Valentine’s week you can enter to win a family four-pack of tickets to Adam’s show on the 15th at DPAC by leaving a comment below about why you love magic. I will randomly select one lucky winner to be announced this Sunday.


I recently spoke to Adam by phone and learned about his journey as a professional magician and what audiences can expect from attending one of his amazing performances.

“You’ll see intimate close-up magic. You’ll see spectacular grand illusion. You’ll see futuristic, high-tech magic. There is music, comedy and lots of audience participation. There are a lot of cool futuristic elements of the show,” says Trent.

For an idea of what to expect Check out the cool clip below from a recent appearance Adam made on the Ellen show to get a taste of the type of magic he brings to the stage. This clip totally blew my mind!

Adam’s journey into magic began at a very young age. “I started when I was about 8 years old, and I saw a magic show with my family,” he said.

“I remember my whole family laughing and having fun. It was something we could all enjoy together. Magic was the thing that got us all laughing and having fun. It was that response and how it made me feel that got me first interested and I immediately went out and got my first magic book and started practicing tricks.”

By the time Adam was 11 years old he was already booking gigs doing magic tricks at birthday parties. He actually put himself through college doing magic. After graduating from college he found his purpose as a magician, but it was a challenging road.


“After college I worked as a street performer out in Los Angeles and on the Santa Monica Pier for over a year. I am self taught and those days performing for crowds on the street were some of the best training I ever had. I think those years play a large role in why I enjoy audience participation in my show so much.”

After those years of working the cruise ship circuit he landed a role with “The Illusionist”  making it all the way to Broadway. Now with his own show Adam focusse his energy into a fantastic 90 minute show with his high energy and friendly personality and a unique blend of high-tech illusions, dance moves and good old-fashioned showmanship that is reshaping magic for the next generation.

The show has classic elements too but is also very high-tech, with video projections, music and props. “This show has something for everybody. Whether it’s their first magic show or their hundredth magic show,” says Trent. “It’s a magic show for people who did not know they were fans of magic.”

I can’t wait to see it! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win a family four-pack of tickets to Adam’s show on the 15th at DPAC. Leave a comment below to enter!

The Magic of Adam Trent is Feb. 15 at Durham Performing Arts Center. For tickets visit


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22 responses to “Win tickets to See Illusionist Adam Trent at DPAC February 15th

  1. Greg Brelinsky

    i love to be entertained and having a night of magic would be wonderful.

  2. Jesse

    This sounds like so much fun!!

  3. Jill Schoolcraft

    I am 11, and I like the power that magic holds! This show sounds so cool! – Chase (and my mom)

  4. I remember bonding with my dad over our love of magic growing up! This show sounds amazing.

  5. barbara bender

    It is so entertaining and mystifying at the same time.

  6. Safiyah Quyyum

    This is so exciting! I had no idea this show was coming to Durham.

  7. Yeung

    I would love to win tickets for my siblings and I to see Adam Trent!! It would be the perfect experience for all of us.

  8. Maresa

    My kids would flip out if we won these!! They are SO in to magic right now!

  9. Janice G

    I like magic and seeing all of the stunts and tricks. I always ask myself “how did they do that?”

  10. srxjcho

    I’ve always wanted to be a magician.

  11. Stacey

    I LOVE magic!!! I’m obsessed with Penn & Teller’s show on TV. Sounds like so much fun 🙂

  12. I am keeping my fingers crossed! It will be magical if I win.

  13. Vanessa

    I love magic because of the elements of surprise!

  14. Tracey C.

    I love the skill and craft that goes into magic – learning about the ways our brains paper over the things our senses tell us to make it all make sense, and then how to work against those gaps.. it’s fascinating stuff.

  15. Paul

    9yo daughter loves magic; but none of us have been to a live show. Only watched on TV. This looks interesting

  16. Carly Newman

    Magic defies the boundaries of reality and allows us to see the endless possibilities and fine line among imagination and reality.

  17. Onki

    Magic just take you to a different world. It would be a awesome show to see with my family.

  18. Louis

    I like watching magic because the tricks get more outrageous and unbelievable. My daughter really lights up to it & that’s a kick to watch too.

  19. Beth

    I love watching magic performances with my children. The look of wonder and amazement in their faces is a joy to see!

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