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Picture of the Week: Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham

Duke Garden

Tulips at Duke Gardens in Durham

This past weekend my wife and I made the short trip to Durham to explore the Sarah P. Duke Gardens on Saturday. We got caught in a brief sun shower while browsing the vast garden paths that wander through 55 acres, but it was well worth it to catch the flowers in full bloom on such  a mild day. I took the picture above while exploring the colorful tulips growing on the historic terraces by the fish pool. This is easily one of the most beautiful sections of the garden and a popular spot for photographs. The gardens are open daily from 8am until dusk. Admission is free but you do need to pay for parking ($2 per hour). For more information visit https://gardens.duke.edu.

Sarah P. Duke Gardens
420 Anderson Street
Durham, North Carolina (map)
website: https://gardens.duke.edu.
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DukeGardens
twitter: @DukeGardens
instagram: @sarahpdukegardens


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First Bloom – Triangle Gardens!


After 7 weeks of hiding my potted sunflower plants from the deer each night I was finally rewarded with the first bloom today! The wet spring and mild summer has resulted in a vibrant landscape in the Triangle this season. If you would like to get out and see some of the area flora for yourself here my recommendations – all FREE:

  1. Sunflower field between mile 23 & 24 of the Neuse Greenway 
  2. Sarah P. Duke Gardens – Durham
  3. JC Raulston Arboretum – Raleigh 
  4. Raleigh Rose Garden

I can’t grow much in my yard because I don’t have a fence and my plants usually just end up as deer food. So I’m glad I have managed to grow this sunflower and claim a minor gardening victory! I’m also grateful for the public gardens we have access to here in the Triangle. No matter what you do this weekend I hope you are enjoying this great weather we are experiencing and spending as much time outside as possible. Happy exploring!


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