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Durant Nature Park ~ North Raleigh’s Hidden Gem

Right now the cold of winter is upon us, but Spring will be here before you know it and people will be headed back outdoors to the many parks and trails in the area. A few years ago I discuvered the Durant Nature Park in North Raleigh. I couldn’t believe this park is just 5 minutes from my house . It truly is an amazing escape from the surrounding suburban area! The park is 237-acres and has 2 small lakes and Five miles of trails to explore. There are different recreational and picnic facilities and open air lodges there and that can be reserved for events like a child’s birthday party. 

While taking the easy 1.5 mile hike around the lake you will likely see deer in the forest and turtles sunning on logs in the lake. Some of the trails are wide have a gravel base while others are more narrow bumpy with lots of roots under your feet, but it is a great place to go for a walk in the woods. This park is very convenient to folks living in Bedford, Falls River, and Durant Trails. Below are a few quick pictures that I snapped while we were there. If you want to read more about the Duran Trails Nature Park and the events offered there check out these links Durant Nature Park | Features and newsobserver.com | Take A Child Outside

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