Where To Find Gluten Free Pizza In Raleigh

Celiac disease is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. People who have celiac disease cannot tolerate gluten, a protein in wheat, rye, and barley. With that, things like regular pizza are usually off the menu for those with Celiac but fortunately there are “gluten free” pizza options in the Triangle. 

So far I am only aware of places in Raleigh that sell gluten free pizzas, but I will update this post in the future if I discover any others. The three pizza establishments that currently sell gluten free pizza in Raleigh are Lily’s Pizza, Zpizza, and Bella Monica. I have tried the pizza from the first two and they are quite good (gluten free Zpizza pictured above).  I have not yet had the Bella Monica GF pizza but I hear it is quite good. 

You can check out  local blog Gluten Free Raleigh for more information about living gluten free in the Triangle.


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7 responses to “Where To Find Gluten Free Pizza In Raleigh

  1. kjev (MAtoNC!)

    Great news! Uno’s had a test market for GF pizza. And Mellow Mushroom is working on it!

    • Thanks for the info Kjev! I will keep my eye on Uno’s and check in with the Folks at Mellow Mushroom the next time I am there (either their Wake Forest or Downtown Raleigh Location). If I hear any news I will post it back here. Thanks for the comment!

      – John

  2. Amanda

    Mellow Mushroom also provides a gluten free menu!

  3. wolfius

    Check out Miltons (in Wake Forest/Wakefield) and Uno’s Pizza grill too.

  4. Adrienne

    Tribeca Tavern on Wake Forest Road also has a gluten free pizza (very tasty) and GF buns available for their burgers.

  5. Rosalinis Pizza and Subs in Rolesville now offers the best GF pizza crust in the area. It is made to order, any size, any toppings. They also have GF pastas and other items that are GF. http://www.rosalinispizza.com for more info.

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