Picture of the Week – Cheese Plate from Vinos Finos y Picadas


The subject of this week’s picture is a small cheese plate I enjoyed during a recent visit to Vinos Finos y Picadas located in the new Lafayette Village Shopping Center in North Raleigh off Falls of Neuse Road. Vino’s is a South American wine cafe’ that features wines primarily from Argentina and Chile.  They also offer a nice selection of meat and cheese plates in along and other “picadas” (an Argentine plate meaning “bites”) to accompany their wines.  This particular plate was $9 and came with five different cheeses along with fresh bread and a piece of dried pear, appricot, date, and fig. I plan to go back to Vino’s soon to enjoy some of the wine “flights” that they offer during the week.


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3 responses to “Picture of the Week – Cheese Plate from Vinos Finos y Picadas

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  2. What do the “flights” entail? I’ve heard great things about that place and I can’t wait to get over there to try it. Thank you for the enticing photo!

  3. Apicus,

    Wine flights are tastings of multiple wines (usually 3 oz. pours of 3 to 4 wines at a time). They are typically grouped together in order to get a feel for breadth or depth. Wine flights are usually intended for those new to the experience of tasting wine, or those who want to increase their understanding of a specific region.

    Hope that helps! Let us know what you think of Vinos when you get a chance to visit. I’m hoping to get back there soon as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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