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Tar Heel 10 Miler Discount Code


The Tar Heel 10 miler is a great local race with a course that showcases downtown Chapel Hill, the UNC Campus and some nice surrounding historic neighborhoods. The 2019 race will take place on Saturday, April 13th. The registration fee is currently $65 but you an  use the discount code THJOHN and save an $5 on your race registration.


I’v run the Tar Heel 10 Miler three times now and I’m looking forward to doing it again in this year. A ten mile race is a great distance to train for especially if you are looking for something a bit longer than a 5k. It is long enough that it’s challenging yet not so far that you need months and months to prepare like you might with a full or half marathon. There is also a 4 mile option if you are looking for a shorter distance race. The course is really nice and you will have lots of support along the way. Keep an eye out for the folks playing the Alpenhorns along the course!


Of course there are some hills, but that comes with the territory when running in a place named Chapel Hill. With approximately 6,500 runners this is a nice size local race with good energy and has become one of the premiere races in the Triangle. It’s one of my favorites and a must do if you area a local runner. Hope to see you out there on the course!

Race Details:
Date: Saturday April 13, 2019
Tar Heel 10 Miler Discount Code: THJOHN (Saves you $5)
Race Website: http://tarheel10miler.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TarHeel10Miler/

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2013 – My Year of Running in the Triangle

Shelley Lake North Raleigh

Trail at Shelley Lake in North Raleigh

I will always remember 2013 as the year I became a “runner”. Just a year ago the longest distance I had ever run was 5 miles and that was a challenge. Back then the thought of running a full marathon seemed inconceivable to me. Somewhere along the way I was bitten by the run bug and got serious about my training.

Big Boss Beer Run Club

Big Boss Run Club

While I enjoying running solo, I also had a wonderful time this year running with social run clubs like the Big Boss Run Club and River Run Club. Both are excellent free weekly social run clubs that welcome runners of all levels.  I learned so much from running with these groups. It was nice preparing for races with others who were going through the same process and getting advice from more seasoned runners along the way.

City of Oaks Marathon Metal

2013 Race Medals

2013 Race Results 
As year draws to a close I am proud to look back on 2013 and the three races I completed:

Tobacco Road Half Marathon – March 2013
Tobacco Road was my first “real race”. The course was nice and flat with crushed gravel the majority of the way along the Tobacco Road Greenway. My training program capped out at 10 miles and it took everything I had just to finish and I was starting to fade at the end of the race. Afterwards I knew that if I was ever going to run a full marathon I would have to train smarter.

Time: 1 hour 53 minutes 32 seconds

Tar Heel 10 Miler – April 2013
I ran my fastest of all three races in the 10-miler. Not so much because it was the shortest distance of the three, but because I didn’t have a GPS watch yet and ran with a 8:30 min/mile pace group that actually ended up running a faster 8:00 min/mile. I knew it felt fast but I hung with the group and finished with a much better time than I expected. The hills were tough but running through downtown Chapel Hill was beautiful.

Time: 1 hour 21 minutes 20 seconds

City Of Oaks Marathon – November 2013
As my first ever full marathon, the City of Oaks was by far my most challenging race. I took my training seriously and followed a six month training program I cobbled together after researching several popular beginner marathon programs online. I went into the race injury free and excited to take on the challenge. The day of the race was beautiful and I will always remember the sense of accomplishment I felt when I crossed the finish line.

While I had trained hard, ultimately I found I was slightly unprepared for the numerous  hills along the marathon course – don’t ever let anybody tell you Raleigh is not hilly! After feeling good for the first 3 hours of the race I hit “the wall” around mile 21. I needed to take a few walking breaks by mile 23 but was able to punch through and finish strong with a time I am very proud of.

Looking back, I learned several valuable lessons about training and nutrition from the experience of preparing and running in my first marathon. With the benefit this experience I have a new perspective and look forward to coming back even stronger in 2014 with the goal of finishing the marathon in under 4 hours.

Time: 4 hours 9 minutes 6 seconds

Raleigh Krispy Kreme Challenge

Running in the Krispy Kreme Challenge on Hillsborough Street

Looking Ahead 
I took it relatively easy during the months of November and December following the City of Oaks Marathon, but now I am looking ahead to the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in Raleigh on April 13, 2014. There is a full marathon option too, but I plan on running 2-3 halfs in 2014 followed by a return to the City of Oaks full marathon in the fall of 2014. By the way, if your new year’s resolutions include plans for signing up for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh race you can save $10 off registration by using the discount code “TRIEXPLORERAL10”. This code will work as long as you register before April 6, 2014 and is good for both the full and half marathon.

My 2014 Running Goals
1. Earn my Big Boss Run Club t-shirt! (Need to run 15 times with the club)
2. Run 1,000 miles by December 31, 2014
3. Complete a Half Marathon in under 1 hour 50 minutes
4. Return to the City of Oaks Marathon and finish in under 4 hours.

Running at Big Boss Run Club

Running at Big Boss Run Club

Thank You
As I turn the page on my 2013 running experience and look forward to 2014 I’d like to give a special thanks to Jon Odgers of the Big Boss Run Club for the many helpful training tips he shared over the year. If you are a runner and enjoy craft beer I highly recommend following his blog and posts on twitter at @beerandracing. I would also like to thank the great people at the River Run Club in North Raleigh @riverrunclub. They are a fantastic group of fun people to run with. I look forward to many runs with both groups in the new year. Happy running in 2014!


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Triangle Social Run Clubs & Races!


Picture I took Over My Head While Running In The 2013 Krispy Kreme Challenge

About two years ago I discovered the joys of running. I’m not really a hardcore runner, but I have slowly worked my way up from running my first 5K back in 2010 to completing my very first half marathon, The Tobacco Road Half, just last month. Along the way I have come to recognize the amazing running culture here in the Triangle. Not only are there tons of great local races, but there are also a number of fantastic run clubs that add a great socializing aspect to running that makes the whole experience even more fun and rewarding.

These informal run clubs are comprised of runners of all levels that meet each week to run, hangout, and maybe drink a beer or two. They are very casual, free to join (just show up) and are a great way to keep your weekly runs interesting and meet new people. Many of the clubs meet at local breweries or pubs so after the run it is easy for people regroup for a drink and compare notes about upcoming races.


Runners Meeting At Big Boss Brewery Before Their Weekly Run

I live in Raleigh so the run club I frequent most is the Big Boss Brewery Run Club. It meets each Tuesday at 7pm at Big Boss Brewery. There are four official routes (3.1, 4, 5 or 6 miles) that offer a combination of greenway and road running depending on the distance you choose. Afterwards, runners meet back at the brewery to enjoy some local beer and there is often a food truck on the scene as well. It isn’t uncommon to see people running with a baby jogger or a leashed dog in tow. All in all it is very inclusive and a great time!

Additional Triangle Run Clubs
I love the Bog Boss Run Club, but there are several other awesome run clubs throughout the Triangle. You can find a great list of Triangle Area Socila Run Clubs organized along the right hand side the Beer & Racing Blog here. While you’re there, check out Jon’s recap of his recent races. I find them very helpful when researching potential races to enter.


Relaxing Post Run!

Popular Upcoming Triangle Races
As I mentioned, there are also a number of awesome races held in the Triangle each year. I’ve focused the list below on longer distance races  like half and full Marathons. However, many of these  events also include smaller 5k’s and fun runs as well. Here is a quick rundown of some popular races coming up in 2013

Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon (April 7th)

Run Raleigh Half Marathon (April 14th)

Tar-Heel 10 Miler (April 20th)

NC Road Runner’s Club Invitational Half Marathon (May 19th)

Midtown Race Series – Lookout Capital Half Marathon (June 1st)

Midtown Race Series – Johnson Lexus Half Marathon (September 21st)

Bull City Race Fest Half Marathon (October 20th)

City of Oaks Marathon & Half Marathon (November 3rd)

Raleigh will also host the Rock-n-Roll Marathon for the first time on April 13, 2014. Registration for this race opens today (April 1st) with a special $30 discount today only.

Good Luck to all of you with races coming up and happy running!

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